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2018 sewing plans

January 31, 2018

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2018 sewing plans

January 31, 2018

I know it's the end of January (finally) but it's never too late to start making plans for the year.




I decided mid-way through last year that I would endeavour to not buy any RTW items, and make them myself instead. It wasn't too much of a challenge last year as there weren't so many things that I needed as such so I was sewing clothes for my wardrobe mostly based on the fabrics I found/had in my stash. (side note: does anyone else do this? Sew clothes/ plan makes based on the fabric rather than the actual item of clothing needed? Like "this is a really nice piece of jersey, that will make a lovely jumper, it will be mine" That's how it goes for me most of the time)


But this year there are a lot of holes in my wardrobe that I will need to fill. Why is it that all your jeans wear through at the same time? I sure they convene in the drawers like "we'll give her two weeks then everyone bust a hole right at the top of the leg on the inside" That's my conspiracy anyway. So this year I will work on focusing my planning and sewing on things I actually need, things I will wear everyday and things that are practical. 


So these are the things I plan to make this year:


1. Kelly Anorak - half done and looking fabulous, I'm currently waiting on some more waterproof seam tape so I can seal up the seams to stay dry

2. Watson bra - I've had my eye on this pattern from Cloth Habit ever since I read Wanderstitch's blog about her Watson bras. Have a look and I defy you to not want to make one too

3. Pants - probably anything designed by Evie La Luve because everything she makes is pure beauty, and I've seen so many of the Megan Neilsen Acacia Underwear on Instagram and I want some of that in my life

4. Jeans - Probably the Closet Case Morgan jeans because they look so comfy and so nice

5. Jacket with a soft furry lining - something like this... ok this one is purely because I saw some super soft faux fur type thing in Fabricland and it had to be mine. Currently spreading little bits of fur all over my flat despite no one ever touching it.

6. Pyjama trousers - will probably draft these myself, because pyjamas are life.

7. Scrap-quilt cushions - I'm a shameless hoarder and don't want to throw my scraps away so I decided to quilt them up. Making cushions because I'm not sure if I have the stamina/fortitude to make a full sized quilt so I'm starting small

8. Leggings - both for the gym and wearing in the wild. I have embraced the leggings look because they are super comfy and I don't care what you say about it. 

9. Range backpack - by Noodlehead this is another one from Instagram stalking. I want to be in the Range backpack club 

10. Keilo wrap dress (maybe) - From NamedClothing - maybe because I think it looks amazing and maybe not because I'm not sure if I would ever wear it


So those are my sewing plans, a lot of these are things I've been thinking about for a while, so I guess I have no excuse not to make them any more! We'll see how it goes!












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